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Over two decades of honest and reliable repair service have made us the Bay Area's preimer door repair specialists. Below are just a few of the repairs that we perform on a regular basis. Of course there are many more services and repair solutions available, but we hope the information below is helpful. We look forward to working with you. 

Broken Springs 
Sectional Doors: Torsion Springs - One Piece Doors: Safety Springs
If your sectional door won't open more than a few feet and is very difficult to open in manual mode, chances are you have a broken spring. Springs are wear and tear items and when they break it is very inconvenient. Luckily we stock a wide variety of replacement sizes so we can get you and your door back to normal working order!  
Broken or Loose Cables 
There are many reasons for a cable to come off a door. The number one cause is usually a broken spring, but there are many other causes as well. After addressing the original cause of dissruption, we are able to repair and re-balance your door so you can get on with your life! 
Carriage Replacement
Genie Screw Drive motors often require a carriage replacement after several years of opperation. You can usually tell if your carriage needs replacing  if your motor makes a loud grinding noise when opening or closing your door. With continued use of a worn carriage, the motor will stop operating your door.  We perform this repair regularly. Avoid motor replacement! Call the office today to set up an appointment. 
Gear Replacement 
Just like all things in life, your door and motor system will have some wear and tear items.  A common repair needed on chain driven motors is a gear replacement.
As long as your motor has been properly cared for, this standard repair should return your motor to full operation.   

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