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Family Business Committed to Community 

EXPERIENCE: We specialize in comprehensive repair solutions. With decades of experience working on older homes commonly found in the SF Bay Area, we have developed a skill set incomparable to other door companies. Most new technicians are taught to replace, replace, replace. We understand that your unique home will have its unique needs and if a repair is your best option, we have the skill set to do it right. 

QUALITY: When it comes to replacing your equipment or installing new, we have spent years combing through product lines and working with manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products that best fit your needs. We will never supply a product that has not passed our quality standards. 


COMMUNITY:  Being a referral based business has allowed us to direct the money we would have normally spent on customer acquisition to giving back to the communities that have supported us for decades. Once a month, one or more qualified non profit organizations are selected to receive a Give Back Program donation.  For more information or to apply for donation, please email​

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